Crafting bespoke wallcovering in rural America.

ASSEMBLAGE was founded by husband and wife team Christian and Heidi Batteau with the intention of crafting the most exquisite hand made wallpaper available. Heidi and Christian have combined their years of sourcing the finest materials and refining their application to produce what has been called fine art to be applied directly to the wall. Heidi spent 8 years in the textile industry in New York City designing for clients such as Carnegie, Maharam, Jhane Barnes, Kravet, Herman Miller, Knoll, Luna, Momentum, Unika Vaev, Stark, CF Stinson, Bernhardt, Robert Allen, Starwood and Starbucks. Christian founded an art for architecture business and wallpaper company in Brooklyn with his sister, together designing and manufacturing work for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Peter Marino, Kwiat, Dior, Axel Vervoordt, Thomas O’Brien, Chloe, Beckley, Wynn, BBG-BBGM, HOK, David Koch, Marvin Shanken, Julianna Terian and many others. Heidi and Christian Batteau have degrees in fine art, have been collaborating for over a decade, and both continue to exhibit through out the United States. With a vision of creating a sustainable homestead and bringing jobs to rural America they left Brooklyn and brought their talents to the Ozarks in 2011.

ASSEMBLAGE is housed in a re-purposed seed mill whose sole source of water is a rain catchment system. Choosing ecologically friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes, paying their artisans a livable wage and taking pride in what they make, ASSEMBLAGE is participating in the renaissance of American craft manufacturing.